Regular Price: $599.00

Special Price $249.00

Remarket To Your Website Visitors and Your Current/Past Customers Right On Their Facebook Newsfeeds.


Regular Price: $599.00

Special Price $249.00



Facebook Marketing Management - Remarketing Campaign - We will provide Full Facebook Marketing Management to a remarketing campaign for your business. Our management fee starts @ $299/mth to manage this type of campaign. Your ad spend budget is seperate and is paid in addition to our management fee. We recommend at least $5/day ($150/mth) ad spend budget to start with. As your ad spend budget increases so will our management fee. Typical split is 50/50. I.E. If your ad spend budget is $500/mth, the managment fee will also be $500/mth.

Remarketing To Your Website Visitors - We will install a tracking pixel on all of your websites so when people visit your website, they will be remarketed to and shown an ad right on their Facebook Newsfeed to encourage them to come back to your website and do business with you this time.

Remarketing To Your Existing Customer List - We will remarket to all of your current and past clients right on thier Facebook Newsfeeds to encourage repeat business.

What We Do - We will create the audience to target, ad copy, graphics and images, lead forms, landing pages, create the ad sets, split tests, analyze results and optimize for results every month.

Optimized for new customer acquisition, lead generation, brand awareness and repeat business.



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