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Regular Price: $499.00

Special Price $299.00

We Send Messages On Your Behalf Through Facebook Messenger To All Customers That Have Engaged (Liked, Commented, Shared) With Your Facebook Business Page or Posts (Paid & Unpaid).


Regular Price: $499.00

Special Price $299.00



Smart Social Connect Includes:

Facebook Messenger Marketing. We Send Messages On Your Behalf Through Facebook Messenger To All Customers That Have Engaged (Liked, Commented, Shared) With Your Facebook Business Page or Posts (Paid & Unpaid). We also send page like invites to these same people to build your fan base and followers on your Facebook Business Page.


What exactly will I get?


Facebook Messenger Messages - We send messages through Facebook Messenger to all your potential customers that have engaged with your content on Facebook. Up to 1000 messages sent for $299/mth.


Unlimited Fan Page Like Requests - We will engage with your customers to build your social media following by hundreds each month on Instagram.


100% Spam Compliant - We are simply re-engaging with people that have engaged with your content first.


100% White Hat Strategy - We have actual humans that send out the messages. No bots here as that would be against Facebook TOS.



100% Inbox - This is the reason why this works so well. When sending out messages through Facebook Messenger, the read rate is a marketers dream because its 100% INBOX. This means virtually 100% of all messages that we send out will be read.


How is it 100% INBOX you ask? The reason is simple. Facebook notifies you in your notifications anytime you login to Facebook letting you know you have a message request waiting. Most are programmed to check their Facebook notices first thing. We love the attention and that’s why its practically impossible for us not to click on the notification to see who is sending us a message.


Build Trust & Credibility - Smart Social Connect keeps your brand top of mind. Think about this for a minute…Don’t you think that when one of the people that have engaged with your content, that you followed up with through private Facebook message, that they will think of your business the next time there is a need for your products of services?

Set It And Forget It - We set everything up and will have you up and running as soon as 48 hours. We will email you monthly progress reports but you can request weekly progress reports if needed.

Social Proof - When your page has fans/page likes, this builds trust from your customers that are contemplating doing business with you. In addition to the promotional messages, we also send out fan page like requests to everyone that has engaged with your content that isn’t already a fan of your page. Currently we are getting a 31% conversion on requests to actual likes. Businesses pay lots of money for page likes but we give you laser targeted relevant page likes for FREE!

Completes Circle Of Any Existing Facebook Advertising Campaign - If you are currently spending money on Facebook ads you are naturally going to get more post likes, shares and comments than a business that doesn’t. Why not follow up with these people with a special offer through Facebook Messenger? Smart Social Connect completes the circle of any Facebook Advertising campaign.


Residual Snowball Effect - Besides the new business it gets you right away, think of every promotional message we send out as a direct mail piece but sent to a laser targeted demographic, an already interested customers. When you send out direct mailers for example, sometimes the customer throws it in the trash or they will put it on their fridge with a magnet and save it for later. Eventually what happens is a snowball effect of all these people that you have sent a message to with a special deal now start taking advantage of your offer and this goes on for months and years to come.


Why Us?


With over 20 years of Sales & Internet Marketing experience, we think its safe to say that we know how what were doing.


What happens after I purchase?


After you purchase, you will get an instant email that includes a link to a short questionnaire regarding your products/services. Once we receive the short questionnaire back from you, it typically takes about a week to set up and launch the campaign.



If we sent 100 messages for you and just 2 became customers, how much is that worth to you?


How many customers do you need to get each month in order to justify our subscription price?